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Connect With Your Body, Mind, And Sixth Sense In The Sultry Desert of Sinai


A Timeless Desert Adventure Awaits You! 

Connect with your body, mind, and sixth sense on this spiritual yoga and meditation retreat. This fabulous spiritual journey welcomes you to the biblical land of the Sinai desert. Imagine crossing the Red Sea, breathing, and connecting with this ancient land. Sunny Sharm El Sheikh wraps you with warmth as you explore your body and mind. The time is now to enter this oasis as the sands of a timeless desert engulf you, with ancient secret wisdom.

What's Included:

* Airport Transfer Upon Arrival

* Accommodation 

* Light Breakfast  

* Daily Activities  

* Trip to Heavenly Cathedral

* 2 Free Books by Serena Jade


Day 1) Welcome To Sharm El Sheikh 

Day 2)

7: 00am Breakfast

8:00 Join the group in a grounding morning

Laugher Yoga session to increase presence. 

9: 00 The Map of Life- Chakra Conversations 

11:00 Silent Meditation Walk 

1:00 Lunch

2:00 Free Time 

3:00 Sit, Relax, and Converse

4:00 Sound Healing Meditation 

5:00 Dinner and Movie Night with Discussion 

Day 3) 

7:00am Breakfast

8:00 Raise your subtle energy and engage

in Kundalini Yoga 

9:00 Conversations On A Mystical Level

11:00 Silent Meditation Walk 

1:00pm Lunch 

2:00 Free Time 

3:00 Let's be in the moment and Laugh 

4:00 Sound Healing Therapy

5:00 Dinner 


Day 4) 

7:00am Breakfast

8:00 Join the group and laugh 

9:00 Sit, Relax, and Converse

11:00 Silent Meditation Walk

1:00pm Lunch

2:00 Free Time

3:00 Raise your energy and Kundalini Yoga

5:00 Dinner and a Movie with Discussion 


Day 5)

7:00am Breakfast 

8:00 Sound Healing Therapy

9:00 Conversations 

10.00 Trip to Heavenly Cathedral-

Enter, Rest, and Pray 

1:00 Lunch 

4:00 Georgian Chant Meditation 

5: 00 Dinner


Day 6) 

7:00am Breakfast

8:00 Let's Laugh

9:00 Kundalini Yoga

10.00 Free Time

1:00pm Lunch

3:00 Sound Healing Therapy

4: 00 Sit, Relax, and Converse

5:00 Until We Meet Again - Dinner


Day 7) Transfer To Airport or Other Destination 


What's Not Included:


*Visa Upon Arrival In Egypt- ($25.00 US)

*WIFI ($12.00 US)

*Apartment Utilities 

*Lunch and Dinners 

*Any Personal Expensive 

Abstract Linear Background

All For $800.00 US.
Indulge In This Beautiful Retreat Today... 

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