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Serena Jade in Delphi, Greece

Serena Jade is a big advocate of Psychotherapy. A therapist is a guide to help make your Unconscious, Conscious. But you need to do your homework!


Here is a List of a few Books, she has learned from over the years...She never read a book once, then forgot about it. She keeps going back to a particular book, until she gets the concept of what she is trying to learn...

Serena Jade is a Mystic, Author, and Speaker. A leading Authority on motivating people to create a Fit and Sexy Body, a Balanced Mind, and an Awakened Sixth-Sense. 

She has an eclectic background of experiences, studies, travels, and observations that imbues life into the Body, Mind, and Soul alignment, making her a teacher of modern-day mysticism.

Ms. Jade was a successful Personal Training business owner. She stretches people’s minds as well as their bodies, to reach an ultimate state of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony.

Serena Jade's 30 year, eclectic education regarding psychological, and spiritual knowledge, allows her to communicate profound insights. 


Serena is the author of numerous articles and several books including: Charismatic Connection: The Authentic Soul Mate Experience, Eros and Psyche: An Ancient Soul Mate Story, Tantra: The Sexual Meditation, The Body: Temple of the Ego and Soul, and Intimacy: The Ultimate Destination.

"Following the Right hand path: Is following what we are told to do, you know the rules.

Following the Left hand path:  Is following the impulse of your feeling system. There are no rules, you have to work it out as you go. You will not have a [predictable] life, but it will be an interesting one."-Joseph Campbell

Serena Jade grew up on New York's Long Island. While her peers were following along with society's right hand rules. The laws of our social order were not going to help Serena survive in her family. Rejected and alone, Serena tapped into her feeling system, and lived from her immortal soul. Serena connected with her father's soul passion-horse racing, which led her to cross paths with an authentic soul mate, whom she has loved across time and space. Serena definitely has not had a predictable life, but it is an interesting one. Serena's uncommon life gave her a gift to realize the essence of the soul, and to have the soul mirrored back to her by an authentic Soul Mate.

Serena's independent study and ability to be disciplined and reflective has brought her the wisdom to know her psychological unhealthy identity. She has made a study of her own mind and is a better citizen of the world for doing so.

In her darkest of days, Serena's  immortal essence has been her guiding light to overcome a tremendous amount of emotional pain to transform her dysfunctional upbringing. 

She has immersed herself in researching past deep thinkers ranging from Plato to Joseph Campbell to Sigmund Freud to Carl Jung to Friedrich Nietzsche to Rollo May. Serena is an explorer of her personal history and is influenced by the profound knowledge of these great thinkers.


Serena has been deeply engaged in learning about all of the world's major religions from Judaism to Christianity to Islam to Zoroastrianism to Hinduism to Buddhism to Sikhism to Jainism to Taoism to Confucianism

Serena has a natural aptitude to bring other-worldly wisdom into practical matter. She is an expert at working with words that communicate psychological and spiritual wisdom.

Serena Jade has been identified with the Sacrificial/Scapegoat complex. What this roughly means is that she lived outside the realm of society’s norms. Serena could not follow along with society because her full-blown narcissistic mother, restricted Serena’s freedom to go after her wants and needs. She had two choices in life; obey her mother or lose her mother’s conditional love and acceptance. Shame and guilt has been instilled in Serena’s mind and as a result she has been an outsider looking in, and witnessing society.

Serena Jade's writing, speaking, and teaching is a vehicle to voice her uniqueness!

 Serena's conversion papers. J

Serena knows about all the world's religions, and their esoteric wisdom. But as a Jew by choice, Judaism is close to her heart.

The great Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria writes that the last generation before the coming of Moshiach is the reincarnation of the generation of the Exo

Serena Jade Jewish by choice.
Serena Jade at Mount Sinai, Egypt
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